Enhancing Dealership Performance: The Value of Accessible Accessories Integration with Autovance 

Dealerships are consistently looking for ways to increase accessory sales and improve sales workflow. By utilizing the integration between Accessible Accessories and Autovance, dealerships leverage the power of both platforms easily, adding Manufacturer Accessories directly to the deal as it is being desked.


Improve efficiency and streamline the sales process

Increase accessory sales and revenue

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction


Enabled the display of Accessible Accessories data in the accessories section of Autovance during the desking process

Integrated "auto-apply" accessories during desking, ensuring all deals can have certain accessories attached

Made Accessible Accessories data available to customers through Autovance MyDeal

The Accessible Accessories program is a valuable asset to both our Customers and Staff. It fit seamlessly into our Sales and Service operations for both New and Used vehicles

Peter Hatch
Director of Policies & Proceduresr
Hickman Motors LTD


Based on analyzing data from a significant number of dealerships, it was found that those using the integration with Autovance experience a substantial increase in accessory dollars. Out of the 341 dealerships studied, the 58 dealers using the integration closed deals with an average of $17,879 per store, which is 70% more compared to the $10,532 per store generated by the 283 dealerships that did not use the integration.

Average +70% Accessory Sales Increase: per dealership with Autovance & Accessible Accessories integration

By integrating Accessible Accessories with Autovance, dealerships achieved substantial improvements in accessory sales, sales process efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The streamlined workflow and enhanced data accessibility ensures accurate pricing alignment with the parts department and strengthens the sales team's ability to quote payments accurately and efficiently.

Dealerships not using the Accessible Accessories integration with Autovance face:

Increased time spent searching and manually entering accessory data

Inefficiency in managing custom accessories and packages

Potential pricing discrepancies

Reduced visibility and accessibility of accessory information during the sales process

Missed revenue opportunities due to lack of streamlined workflow

We would be lost without it! It is very easy to use and it gives our Customers, as well as our staff, the ability to quote accessories at a glance, it has proven to be a valuable tool for all of us.

Cathy Mainprize
Parts Director
Bustard Chrysler

Autovance has been proven to increase sales revenue. Subaru of Lethbridge implemented Autovance desk into their operation, providing them with a structured process that helped increase gross profit by 54% and lease penetration by 71% in the first two years.

We strongly recommend dealerships take advantage of the Accessible Accessories integration with Autovance to optimize sales processes, increase accessory sales, and make more from every deal. Contact us today>>>

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