Maximizing Tire Sales: A Winning Strategy for Dealerships

As we gear up for tire season and approach winter vehicle sales, it's crucial for dealerships to position themselves for success. More often than not, big box stores have been outpacing dealerships in tire sales, but there are ways to tackle this. Let’s explore how providing the right service in a convenient way can overcome these challenges and position your dealership above the rest.

Understanding the Landscape

Major retailers like Costco, Canadian Tire, and other chain stores have significant buying power, enabling them to offer competitive pricing due to sheer volume. It’s not as simple as buying a massive stock of discount tires and expecting that will solve the problem. There are limitations to what brands some dealers can purchase.

Certain OEMs have partnerships with specific tire brands which may incentivize dealers to promote their products. Other dealers tend to stick with what they know. If it’s popular – sell it, otherwise – don’t stock it.

Another advantage many large chains have mastered is the online quote. Selecting various tire options, comparing specs, and seeing pricing before you even step foot in the store. The convenience and the knowledge of the final bill gives customers peace of mind.

Finding the Edge

Take advantage of the time you have the customer. Once they are off the lot, chances for any additional sales plummet, so take advantage of the time you have. Offering Winter or Summer tires during the sale sparks the conversation and can help to easily segway into other accessories that could be of interest.

In provinces where winter tires are mandated, dealerships have a competitive edge to promote and sell winter tires, knowing regulations are on their side. This not only ensures compliance, but also enhances safety and performance for customers during the colder months. Encouraging customers to invest in winter tires can also lead to lower insurance premiums. This provides a financial incentive for customers and reinforces the dealership's commitment to safety and customer well-being.

Unlike other vehicle accessories, tires are a consistent and essential purchase for vehicle owners. If your dealership can provide the service, offering tire storage can make a major difference. By selling the tires and offering to store their winters or summers, the customer is considerably more likely to return for tire changes, balancing, and other services. This creates a long-term revenue stream and strengthens customer loyalty.

Remember to remain open to exploring new options and keeping an eye on emerging trends in tire technology. Always make sure your inventory is relevant and meets the needs of your customer base.

The Accessible Accessories Advantage

We're dedicated to making it easy for dealerships to offer and sell a wide range of accessories and continually pushing boundaries by introducing features that enable dealerships to do more. We are currently working on letting dealers quote and sell tires directly through Accessible Accessories. Our goal is to allow you to offer customers a comprehensive solution that covers all their automotive needs. We are excited to continue innovating and look forward to sharing our progress on this feature when it is available. Stay tuned for more updates!

The tire market presents a significant opportunity for dealerships to increase their revenue. By leveraging strategic partnerships, tailoring inventory, and offering value-added services like tire storage, dealerships can position themselves as the go-to destination for all things automotive.

Success in tire sales is not about competing with big retailers on price alone, but about offering a personalized, value-driven experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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